Wooden Shim Mirror

In the end this mirror turned out beautifully, but it is one of those deceptive projects that turns out to be more time consuming than you plan. Thankfully I used this project as a stress reliever during study breaks of finals week so I stretched it out and took my time.

The whole process is relatively simple. You’ll need two sizes of wooden shims, large & small. Decide how far you want the middle ‘ray‘ to pop out and be sure to keep them the same length as you go. Taking 3 shims of the same size, glue them together with the two end shims lowered to the length you chose. I used both wood glue and hot glue throughout the process. Keep repeating. Then do the same with the larger sized shims. I set the groupings up as the mirror as I made them so I knew how many I would need to complete. Once you have enough of the sets of 3 in each size, you can begin gluing them together alternating between large and small. Be sure to work on a flat surface. I chose cardboard rather than plastic because it made it easier to rotate/level out the piece. Once the circle is complete the whole thing should be pretty sturdy, but I went ahead and glued extra shims along the back for additional support and to ensure it would stay straight and not buckle.

Once the glue has had time to dry, turn the project over and begin the staining process. I like to use a foam brushed when staining to get an even coat. The brush also helps in instances like this where the wood is untreated (especially the ends) and it soaks up a large amount of the stain. I chose to go with a darker color because of the other furniture in the room, but it would look nice in any color you choose. I’d love to see it in a nice natural oak or an antiqued painted white.

Once it’s stained and dried, add some wiring on the back so you can hang it. Then it’s as simple as buying a cheap mirror to glue to the front and you’re done!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how many of my friends are envious of this frame and want one of their own! Now get out there and DIY!

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