Music Monday - 54 - COVERS - The Killer Look -


I am unapologetically picky about the covers that I take the time to listen to or let alone am even open to liking. In that respect, this list has been compiling for a couple months until I had enough to complete my 25 count quota. I find it hard to simply search for good covers. I more or less have to stumble upon them as I’m looking for alternate tunes. Out of the 54 Music Monday playlists I’ve created, this is only the second ‘covers’ list I’ve made (the other one being Music Monday 26).

I had a fun time kicking back and wrapping up this playlist today after having traveled for all of July. Spent some time pouring over photos and am eager to share. I spent most of the day compiling personal photos from a good friend’s wedding though so stand by on a new blog post. Goal is by the end of the week! Until then I guess you’ll have to suffice with this playlist. and maybe pop over to my Instagram story for sneak peeks into what the next post will be!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist! Don’t forget to subscribe to my SoundCloud profile to keep up with all my current playlists. Have a song you think I should know about? Feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to give it a listen and maybe feature it in an upcoming list!

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