Music Monday - 53 - TROPICAL MAUI - The Killer Look -


As I write this I’m sitting poolside having just finished with a morning snorkel and am now watching the palm trees sway, the waterfall infinity pools cascade into each other, all while awaiting my daily lunchtime cocktail delivery. Could I be any happier? The answer is no, this is heaven. I could drone on about how amazing Maui is and how I am loving this tropical life but I’ll save those details for proper posts about my actual activities here, stay tuned!

Instead, let’s celebrate the Maui vibes and have this week’s playlist be a tropical one! Tropical house is one of my absolute favorite types of EDM. The beats are so upbeat, fun, and genuinely happy. I always feel so uplifted and energized when I listen to this type of music. Thomas Jack is the quintessential tropical house guru but I think loads of the other artists featured on this list do a splendid job bringing these tunes to life! Have a listen!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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