Music Monday - 51 - METHODIC - The Killer Look -

One week along in this July vacation and it honestly feels as though I’ve been gone for a month or more! Spent the 4th in Chicago catching up with friends, as well as making new ones during those few days there. Over the weekend my close friend of my longest running friendship [27 years and counting] got married! Our families and mutual friends are completely intertwined, so the entire bash was an absolute blast! Being that the two getting married met through my college friend group I introduced her to, that pretty well paved the way for me knowing practically every person in attendance.

My time spent traveling since last week’s playlist has been a complete nonstop array of activities; I wanted to slow down my racing mind a little with the music of this list. All the songs are more methodic oriented, deliberate, and individually distinct while somehow being overall cohesive. I hope you enjoy the vibe I’ve generated! Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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