Happy Monday Y’all!

So the first playlist that I put out was kind of a throwback to songs that have meant something to me throughout my life. In the curation of that list I came across a lot of old songs that I haven’t listened to in ages. Back when I actually downloaded music and had the most massive iTunes Library of any of my friends at the time. Whoa, flashback to 2005…. *face palm*. The search got me wanting to share some of the guilty pleasures of the music of my early years, jamming out to some late 90’s & early 2000’s pop like the cool kid I thought I was. So I decided to do a ‘throwback‘ or ‘flashback‘ or whatever playlist every four weeks to showcase some of the music I found. I hope you enjoy this little guilty pleasure throwback compilation!

SideNote: I searched and searched for a term for ‘every four weeks’ like we have for biweekly or triweekly, but there is no correct term in current use! Blasphemy I say! I am going ahead and coining quadweekly, although bifortnightly was a cloooose second!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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