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Talk about a busy week and weekend! Last Wednesday was this year’s summer solstice and National Selfie Day, followed by Friday capping the work week off with National Pink Day! Oh, and did I mention it was Pride in NY this weekend? Between my post about my H&M Outfit/Photoshoot on The High Line in Chelsea to my review of the restaurant Tipsy Parson and their delectable biscuit bomb (super delish, read up!), the blog was pretty active! Not just that, but I shared some memories from While We Were Young (another gorgeous brunch spot in the West Village) to feature their pink sofas for National Pink Day! And that’s just blog post stuff! I also attended an event at Twitter to celebrate the partnership between the National Mango Board and Wendy’s for their new mango summer salad! I was out of the city for a wedding in East Hampton this weekend so I celebrated Pride on Thursday with Absolut at the annual OUT Magazine bash! Like I said, it was a jam-packed week to say the least!

After compiling this week’s playlist, I noticed a few little themes: color, locations, and tropics. Michael Woods kicks things off with ‘Gold’ directly followed by Unlike Pluto’s ‘Everything Black’ while later on being pulled back to color with ‘Gold Dust’ by Galantis. For location, I am totally gravitating towards the west coast in this list (getting antsy about being in LA in a few weeks?… Perhaps!). Steve Void bangs out some super cool tropical beats in ‘West LA’, with Alex Schulz’s remix of Courier’s ‘San Francisco’ following in the same vibe! Keeping with the tropical house feeling, Axel E kills it with his remix of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Bloodstream’. A number of additional chill but quasi upbeat tunes are sprinkled throughout, such as: WRLD’s ‘Hideaway’, Sam F’s ‘Limitless’, and Giraff’s ‘Heartbreak Lover’. This playlist is quite eclectic but the beats all work well together and produce a tropical, unbelievably relaxing, chill vibe. Come join me with a listen!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist! Don’t forget to subscribe to my SoundCloud profile to keep up with all my current playlists. Have a song you think I should know about? Feel free to shoot me an email, I’d love to give it a listen and maybe feature it in an upcoming list!

PRIDE 2017 by Absolut at the annual OUT Magazine Party!

National Pink Day

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