Music Monday - 48 - ELECTRO DANCE-POP - The Killer Look -

I only blog about music that I like, but I’m beyond obsessed with this electro dance-pop playlist! Seriously, this is THE best of the best on what I’ve been listening to lately. The vibe is less hard dubstep like you’d hear in a club and more just poppy electronic music that has me moving. With complete honesty, I cannot sit still when I’m listening to this playlist, I get jamming hard to practically every song on this list. Head banging so ferociously it causes people’s heads to turn and judge – like I care. Like now, while I sit in this super quiet coffee shop as people work and type away on their laptops; I’ve got my headphones on, straight up jamming, bouncing along living my best life while writing this post.

Without planning it this electro dance-pop playlist is heavy on Ed Sheeran. I never seek out his songs, but four remixes of his tunes are some of the beats on here that get me moving the most! RYSEVV’s remix of ‘Shape of You’ or either of the remixes of ‘Galway Girl’ by Hang Out With Koni and Young Gods. The tune kicking off the whole inventory though is ‘Caskets’ by Party Favor – hooked! This entire list gets me moving but I always love pulling highlights: AFTR:HRS’s ‘Show Me’, Justice Skolnik’s ‘Rise N Shine’, NAKID’s ‘High Without Your Love’, and Throttle’s ‘Found You’ are just the tip of the iceberg for outstanding music featured on this list!

Please join me up on this practically euphoric level I get to when listening to this playlist, company is always welcome up here! Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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