Music Monday - 46 - DONUT - The Killer Look -

Last week was one of those weeks that seemed to go by in a flash while also somehow being incredibly drawn out. A definite highlight of last week was having an excuse because of National Donut Day to stop by the coffee & donut shop across the street from my local subway stop. I have lived in this apartment in Brooklyn for over a year and had yet to indulge myself with a visit. Knowing now that I can pop in and grab any donut for a dollar is moderately dangerous.

Music Monday - 46 - DONUT - The Killer Look -

Music Monday - 46 - DONUT - The Killer Look -

This past week was sprinkled with many tedious tasks though, unfortunately not every week can be monumentally thrilling. Instead, I attempted to knock several projects off the good ol’ ‘To Do List’. A visit to the Apple Store to troubleshoot my iPhone was high on the docket, although very low in regards to activities I actually enjoy. The visit provided mildly helpful information, but in the end the support I received directly from Verizon proved most effective. Fingers crossed my phone keeps itself running smoothly now! Most of my high priority to do items are in preparation for traveling in July and my appointment with Universal Enroll/IdentiGo for TSA Pre-check was a must! For a while I will be traveling with a group of friends who have all been pre-approved for airport security, and I did not want to be the black sheep stuck in the standard screening. If you fly a decent amount, this program offered through TSA is certainly worth the effort. The online application and in person finger print scanning was honestly one of the easiest and painless processes I’ve ever been through. Comparing cost of the service to how often you’ll use it is the only main concern. And for anyone who missed my latest post, be sure to check out all the details on my DIY Succulent Window Box & Framed Living Wall Planter.

But enough about me and my quasi boring week, let’s talk about music! This week’s playlist isn’t a true throwback but the majority of these songs hail from my 2015 summer playlist, so a bit of a time shift but not much. ‘Let You Go’ by The Chainsmokers, Cash Cash’s ‘Surrender’, The Knocks’ ‘Classic’, and Two Friends’ remix of RAC’s ‘Cheap Sunglasses’ are just a few of the noteworthy tracks. And of course this playlist wouldn’t be complete without featuring that summer’s biggest hit, ‘Runaway’ by Galantis! Hopefully you’ll enjoy revisiting these tracks as much as I have! Happy Monday friends, hope your week is starting off in the best fashion!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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