Music Monday - 45 - MEMORIAL DAY - Dubstep - The Killer Look -

Memorial Day has come around again and is considered by most to be the unofficial start to summer! I am not always one for discount shopping; I tend not to buy during heavy sales like the ones associated with Memorial Day. Often I’m turned off by large crowds and markdown shopping. Online retailers change the game though with the STEEP savings offered online! I have quite a bit of traveling planned for the month of July (stay tuned, absolutely stoked for what’s to come!) and have been trying to be on top of having my summer wardrobe together sooner rather than later. I don’t know about you, but it feels like every time I put off shopping to the last minute or go in search of something too specific, I’m certain to never find it. Considering those past experiences, I spent last week popping in to stores between and after gigs to see what I could find. Lo and behold, going in with an open mind to whatever I’d find proved largely rewarding. Last week ended with quite a few new fashion pieces, sales, and unique finds I’m eager to share! By shopping prior to the holiday weekend, I gained a thorough knowledge of what each store had to offer while also reacquainting myself with how I fit their sizes.

Enter Memorial Day weekend. Like most holidays, Memorial Day has been overtaken by mass market commercialism but after accepting that issue and moving on… this holiday somehow became the beacon to which all apparel sales are judged against. Memorial Day apparel sales are often the most slashed prices you’ll see all year! With the luxury of online shopping and the ability for companies to put sales into effect whenever, I was able to do the entirety of my online shopping last week Friday! I hit up some of my go-to online retailers like Topman, H&M, ASOS, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters – large apparel chains with huge holiday savings! Check out the deals, reap the rewards early, and leave your holiday free to be enjoyed!

Hopefully everyone else on the prowl for new summer threads found items their crazy about and are already taking this holiday to get some rest before the real months of summer kick in! Summer ahead means many EDM festivals are coming our way. This week’s Music Monday playlist is headed back to my roots of more club like EDM heavy on the Dubstep, House, and Moombahton styles. Boombox Cartel’s ‘Jefe’ keeps creeping its way into what I’m listening to so I figured I should feature it in a playlist. This list wouldn’t be complete without some Diplo sprinkled in with ‘Pretty With Her Eyes Low’ and ‘Doctor Pepper.’ I have just such strong loves for so many of these artists I’m featuring: Bassnectar, Jack Ü, SNAILS, ETC!ETC!, and Bro Safari. SO many feels from these guys! Wishing you a relaxing Memorial Day and that you enjoy these tunes as much as me! Happy listening my friends!

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