Music Monday - 44 - CHILL MOVES - The Killer Look -

Does the conception of time ever allude you? In a way that your perception of the passing of time is not in line with the amount of time that has actually passed? That’s how this prior week was for me. By Sunday I honestly thought two weeks had gone by from what I had done the previous Sunday. I had myself convinced; there was no way I did everything I could recount since ‘that’ Sunday in only ONE week. It wasn’t until I looked at a calendar that I could mentally comprehend that only 7 days had gone by. Fingers crossed this week feels similar to that of an actual week with distinct days instead of a jumbled mush in my head of running from one place to the next!

This week’s playlist is dedicated towards those chill moves that get you through weeks like the ones I’ve been having as of late! These are songs that get me moving but are not comparable to a night out clubbing with harder drops. These a more head bob, bounce around, flowy dance songs – all about those chill moves these songs make me feel. Recently, while I listen to music and run around the city I want tunes that get me energized but don’t add to the already chaotic atmosphere that is the streets and subways of New York City. It’s impossible for me not to sing along and bounce to Axero’s ‘I Can’t Do Without You’, same goes double for Papa Ya’s ‘Sunny’! But considering the enormous amount of rain we’re expected to get this week, it’s worth noting one of my other favs, ‘Raining Day’ by TRINIX. This whole list though kicks off with James Carter’s ‘Starving’, a perfectly upbeat song to get in the summer mindset that we got a taste of last week with those blazing hot few days of 90° weather! Soon my friends! #SummerIsComing

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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