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Louisville, 143rd Kentucky Derby (Part 2) – Working Out

Most of my solo time in Louisville last week was spent at The Factory Gym. I chose this location based on positive reviews, the proximity to my hotel, that it is locally owned, and has been in business since 1984. This gym is nothing like the gyms I go to in the city but now I’m rethinking my current membership. Literally everyone working out at The Factory were training as professional body builders. Two or three years ago I would have been too intimidated to walk around a place like that, let alone workout among them. As my fitness confidence has grown though, I’ve lost any of that apprehension in worrying what others will think of my workout. We are all there for our own specific reasons yes, but overall we are collectively there to improve our health, stamina, and physical appearance. Knowing everyone else is there for the same reason as me, only in a different stage in their process, is what helped me begin working out among them with confidence way back when. In working out with all these pro builders for the week, I absolutely pushed myself more and wanted to train harder. I’ve always responded well to being placed among individuals who are better than me and striving to attain the ability to compete among them or become their equal. My time at The Factory has me considering switching gyms to be among more focused people with clear-cut goals of where they see their fitness journey leading. Right now my gym is a mix of beginners and more moderate trainers. I love my gym and all they offer, but I think I might be on the verge of outgrowing them as I have other gyms. Just something I’m thinking about. Still very much TBD, I’ll let y’all know if anything changes!

With The Factory on the brain, this week’s playlist is going to be a gym set list. I haven’t done one in quite a while and want to share some of the tunes I’ve been working out to lately! Kicking off with Galantis’ ‘Rich Boy’ which I’ve been all about since it came out 2 months ago. I really get bouncing with Ghastly’s remix of Zomboy’s ‘Lights Out’ and Clarx’s ‘Titans’. I can’t help but sing along to Klingande’s ‘Somewhere New’; same with Kygo’s ‘It Ain’t Me’. So many great songs to jam out to while you stay focused on working out. So get on over to the gym and get sweating friends! Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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