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Another Monday, another playlist! I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that this week was one of the hardest ones I’ve had in a while. Jam packed to the brim with work, moving a friend out of her apartment, work, prepping myself for being out of town for the upcoming week, oh and did I mention more work? In my ever-growing adulthood years, I’ve come to realize how much I rely on quality, and lengthy, nightly sleep. I remember back in college when I’d be bouncing around between social life, school, and professional endeavors. I made it happen on quite little sleep, but now as an adult, having made fitness and health such high priorities, sleep is essential to my productivity.

My body knows what I need and that’s a solid 7hrs, without it I’m hopeless. I’ve pushed myself a little far this past week with the back-to-back continued lack of sleep in the attempt to fill the time with more activities. I accomplished all my goals of the week which pleased me a great deal, but certainly haunted me on my driving travels. I spent the entirety of Sunday with a group of friends heading to Kentucky for the week leading up to the Derby. The week should be a good mix of work and recreation surrounding the sporting festivities. Leaving the city and getting some time in a slower paced place like Louisville was exactly what I needed right now.

In honor of a slower pace, relaxed mood, and quality sleep because of it – enjoy this playlist curated for those slow hipster vibes! This list features some of my go to songs I like to listen to when I just want to check out from the world around me and get into my own headspace. Having bumping music can be great for getting around the city quickly but sometimes it’s nice to offset that hustle with some chill, almost sleep like vibes. Jon Bellion makes this list twice with Munny Right and Human. Brika’s Options and Olivver the Kid’s Not Going Home are some other highlights I love. xKat’s Shy Girl might come last on this list but is almost certainly my favorite, something to work towards! So many phenomenal tracks on here! Zone out, check in with yourself, and give this list a listen!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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