Music Monday - 40 - DJ MIXES - The Killer Look -

Happy Monday! Man, it has been a whirlwind of a week between work, the blog, and my personal life. A great deal of new projects and changes are coming my way and it’s a lot to process. Taking it all in strides and staying focused on the things that make me happy in order to work through the stress of it. Don’t get me wrong, so much of the upcoming changes are positive, but even positive changes can cause stress!

With all the work floating around in my life right now, when I’m plugging away getting it all done I’m almost always listening to music. It’s nice sometimes to just sit back and let apps like Spotify or Pandora mill about on random selecting your music for you, but I don’t really care for that. My original mood of what I want to listen to is always lost in the shuffle. So, when I want to listen to music I know I’ll like, without being worried every 3-5min about what the next song is, I listen to some of my favorite DJ mixes. DJ mixes are absolutely EVERYTHING when it comes to listening to music while working. Find a DJ you like, and you’ve got a full hour of listening to their latest episode/mix/set/etc. Most of the ones I follow do weekly or bimonthly mixes so there is always something new to hear! 

This playlist is a top-tier checklist of my favorite DJ mixes I consistently listen to. Some of the all-stars on this list? Trademark’s Pregame Series obviously (you know I love him if you read Music Monday/34), Bare Chill’s Mixes, Boehm’s Don’t Kill My Vibe, Riptide Chill, and Lucas & Steve’s Skyline Sessions. Honestly, the number of times I’ve listened to some of these DJ mixes astounds even me! The list is a mix of very chill to more upbeat for all the different variations in your day! This entire playlist is just shy of 20 hours, so it’ll take you a couple days, heck, the whole week!! Should be enough to tide you over until next week’s Music Monday post! 

Here’s to another week working that grind! Stay connected my friends! Happy listening.

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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