Music Monday - 39 - NEW REMIXES - The Killer Look -

I know it’s a little all together too warm considering it’s only mid April but I have to say this new change in season really felt official this weekend! One of my close friends is moving soon and she has a great private outdoor space (something hard to come by in NYC) so we spent Sunday taking advantage of it before she says goodbye and moves. It was crazy warm one minute, cloudy the next, sprinkling, back to blazing sun, 180° to pouring rain, back to sun, and so on all day. If I were out and about it would have been horrendous, i.e. a picnic in the park or something? Umm day ruined. But for us, this unpredictable weather was actually quite fun with the luxury of just popping back into the house whenever we wanted. A day spent lounging, sunning, eating, and talking with a good friend — my idea of the perfect Sunday!

So in honor of this glorious day and the official beginning of this newest season, I’ve cultivated this playlist all about new remixes! New imaginings of old classics and freshened/lesser known remixes of modern hits. Always love a new revamp/remix to my favorite tunes, it’s always interesting how different artists with different styles remaster songs with their own touch! Some of my favorites in this list?? Two Owls x Fransis Derelle’s remix of The Chainsmokers’ ‘Paris’, 4B x Teez’s remix of ‘LMLY’, Kbub’s remix of Whethan’s ’Savage’, and DEFINITELY Elephante’s remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ (seriously, anything Elephante touches is pure gold!) Man, in trying to pick my favorites from the list I just went through a struggle because I love them all. Take some time to enjoy these beautiful new remixes! Happy listening friends!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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