Music Monday - 38 - TAKE ME UP - The Killer Look -

I’m kind of still reeling on how insanely busy this past week was for me, but in all the chaos the rain seems to have subsided and now the warm sunny weather seems to be sticking — could NOT be happier about that! I put away my heated blanket I use during winter so it’s official in my book. For all you folks celebrating Easter this weekend this weather is certainly a welcomed relief. And before you get all excited about Easter on Sunday, don’t forget to have your taxes taken care of the day before!

Take a listen to this week’s playlist kicking off with “Take Me Up” by Coleman Hell. Use it as background while you do your taxes if you still haven’t, or use it to relish in the fact that you’re already done, sitting pretty, and spending your return. Upbeat, fun, pulsing beats to get you motivated!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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