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Has Spring finally sprung?! Very much about this warm weather in the 50’s we’re going to be having this week, even if it is accompanied by some rain. Been a little MIA lately with my online presence; I’ve been plugging away getting caught up on some personal stuff. I don’t know about you but one of the major projects I tackle every year is cleaning up my photos on the Apple Photos App shared between my iPhone and MacBooks. And now that I use the app more and more for the blog, it has become quite the yearly undertaking. I’m completely awful about taking a million photos to get the perfect shot, and then moving on to something else ­– leaving all the extras just sitting there taking up space. So many ‘burst’ photos of my dog to delete!!

Funnily enough I don’t ever intentionally choose a specific time to sit down and organize all the photos but in looking back over the past four years, I’ve always done it towards the end of March to the beginning of April. Apparently, my mind is just naturally in tune with the Spring cleaning schedule. With all my photos organized, I’m on to my next task… backing up everything on external hard drives. Trying to contain my excitement… Hope your Spring cleaning projects turn out to be tremendously productive! It’s very satisfying once it’s all done, getting there is the trouble. Use this playlist to get groovin’, motivated, and working away on that project! Stay strong my friends, Spring cleaning has never sounded this good! 

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