Music Monday - 32 - AMPED - Club - The Killer Look -

Talk about a popular time for birthdays! Even setting my family aside, on Facebook today alone I had 12 friends with birthdays the day before mine! February b-days know what’s up! Feeling very fortunate to have had such amicable weather this past weekend as I celebrated my upcoming turning of age! Made going out in ‘winter’ (if we can still call it winter after these very spring like days we’ve been having) that much more enjoyable! I have been fighting a bit of a cough this past week which caused me to lose my voice; made going out interesting to say the least. With the help of my friends I powered through though and had a great time! In honor of rallying for the festivities, this week’s playlist features nothing but amped up tunes! So go ahead, take a listen, get moving, and get amped my friends!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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