Music Monday - 29 - New Remixes - The Killer Look -

A Music Monday on Mama Jude’s Birthday?! How exciting! Happy Birthday Mom! Another year down, and another new beginning. In honor of this new beginning and kick off to my family’s birthday season, this week’s playlist will be about new remixes of some of my old favorites. These ‘new remixes’ might be common to you but are completely unfamiliar to me. For every song on this list, I know another remix of the song quite well. So these new remixes are alternate versions that give freshness to songs I already know so well!

And about our birthdays, yeah, we have a season – all 5 of us born between February 6th and March 24th. It’s one of my favorite times of year, so much cake! And if you know my mother, believe me the cake is delicious. I might not be with my family for all of our birthdays, but wherever I am I definitely make sure to get a slice of everyone’s favorite cakes on each of their respective birthdays!

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist in the comments!

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