Music Monday - 27 - Club - The Killer Look -

Going out to a club in winter, one of the hardest things you’ll have to do all year! Seriously, the act of clubbing or bar hopping in inclement weather is such a struggle. Waiting in lines during the summer, not so bad. Waiting in frigid breezy snow flurries? Exponentially worse. Especially because not only do lines suck if there are any, but coat check can be murder. Some places are great, get you in and out, and makes bringing that heavy duty winter coat to the club not too bad of an idea. But what happens when it’s late and everyone and their mother is trying to get their coat at the same time or worse yet, you get to the bar under the assumption that’ll they’ll have a coat check and you’re stuck carrying around your coat all night when they don’t!? After you’ve had all these experiences you think you’ll go sans coat and dress in layers. Then you’re dancing with a sweater on over a t-shirt and a heat tech shirt and your sweating out like a fool. Real attractive. Glad you went out? Didn’t think so. Do yourself a favor. Skip the dead of winter club scene and just throw a house party. Everyone will be much happier at your place where they can throw their coat on a pile and hang free of such burdens! Here’s a club playlist to get your night started!

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