Music Monday - 26 - Covers - The Killer Look -

Hope everyone took some time today to honor Martin Luther King Jr. and all he did for the Civil Rights Movement, Happy Birthday Mr. King! Martin Luther King Jr. Day marks the middle of January, aka full on winter. Really hoping nothing too intense hits New York this year!

I love my theme for this week’s list! Covers! Covers are such a great way to hear songs in a new way by artists you may not know. I prefer the covers that don’t sound like the originals, I like it when this new artist does their own reimagining. It gives the cover some extra inventiveness despite the actual duplicity of the content. When artists do covers exactly the same and merely plug in their own voice I can’t stand it; makes me feel like I’m at a party with a live cover band. Which if it’s a good band is not bad, I actually quite enjoy those. However, not live?.. no thanks! This playlist is a cultivation of some of the covers I’ve most recently come across that take on a new interpretation of the original; I think you’ll enjoy them tremendously!

Let me know your thoughts on this week’s playlist in the comments!

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