Music Monday - 25 - Mashup - The Killer Look -

Well, we are a little over a week into 2017 — everyone sticking to their New Year’s resolutions!? Here’s hoping you are, stay strong with whatever they may be. My gym is certainly more crowded than normal, happens every year at this time with so many fitness based resolutions. Give it a month or two and it’ll be back to normal. Try and beat the trend though and stick with your own commitment! Modify it if you have to, combine the resolution with another. As long as you’re improving your life that is what counts. And speaking of combining things together (like my little segue there?), this week’s playlist is a mashup one! Not every mashup is created equal but when they’re done right they are one of my favorite types of music to listen to. A poor quality mashup often tries to include too many tracks, the beats don’t mix well, the lyrics and themes don’t blend, or the overlap is lazy and not well integrated. Every mashup in this playlist though is top-notch! Give it a listen!

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