Country Songs

It is the week of Thanksgiving and time to be spent with family. I’m fortunate enough this year to have a good portion of my immediate family make the trip to the city to spend the holiday here. I’m very much looking forward to showing off the city that I know and love so much. For many of them it will be their first time visiting since I’ve been living here. The list of activities, restaurants, and such is continuously growing larger by the hour. Here’s hoping we squeeze enough in while still having a relaxed holiday. Maybe they’ll just have to come back for Christmas? Or New Years perhaps? It really is just one of the best times to be in New York. The lights, the decorations, the atmosphere and bustle of the crowds. It’s magic and I’m so glad they’ll be here to enjoy it all.

As a nod to my family and the very country/midwest lifestyle they lead, this week’s playlist is geared towards country songs. And being inspired from the many memories my mom and I shared while she drove me around during my childhood, the playlist is very Rascal Flatts and Josh Turner heavy… two of our favorites at singing country songs. Rascal Flatts tended to be more when I was younger and could hit those falsettos more easily while we sang along. Josh Turner was more after puberty and my voice dropped, although I’ll never be as intensely low as him. That voice is deep velvety goodness that few can reach. I dare you to sing along and try your darnedest.

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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