Battle Hymn by Lady Fag at Flash Factory

The current club scene is really hard to navigate right now in my opinion. I’m not entirely in to incredibly obscure hipster artists that are impossible to dance to, but I’m also not a top 40 junkie who listens to the rubbish I’m told is good music. I’m in this weird in between state where I have a hard time finding a venue that I actually like the music they play. Now, obviously the best way to enjoy the music you love is to go to the events of the artists you know you like and I do that regularly. This post is more in reference to standard dance clubs on the weekends when you don’t have a specific event in mind and just want a great time out with friends to some good music.

I’ve found this holy grail of clubs and I’m beyond happy for this place to be my new go to spot. I’ve heard about it before but never took the time to really look into it until my frustration with all the normal clubs I was going to made me stop wanting to go out at all. Battle Hymn by Lady Fag at The Flash Factory is everything I want in a night out. Not overly crowded to give me room to dance and move around. No pop music just mashed together with other top hits; actual deep house and techno without an ounce of swill that passes for music sometimes. The crowd itself was even more my style: minimum age around 25 so it wasn’t filled with children, everyone was incredibly fit, and there were a good deal of couples so it didn’t feel like people were simply on the prowl looking to meet someone. We were all there for the music. It was genuinely the best night out I’ve had in years. And there were loads of men with long hair so I felt like I was in good company.

In remembrance of this incredible find and the many nights to come going out there (it’s typically restricted to once a week, seasonally, on Sunday evenings for Battle Hymn specific events), this week’s playlist is all about Techno and Deep House. Just lose yourself in these transfixing beats. I’m automatically taken back to Flash Factory with the wooden floors that bounced with the music and the lights that incased my entire line of vision.

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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