Feeling inspired from last week’s country playlist; I wanted to showcase some more lively and energizing country songs. Rather than fill this playlist with men’s country songs; which, let’s be honest, have dominated a good chunk of the country genre for quite some time, I wanted to focus on the inspiring women that I remember listening to back in the good ol’ 90’s/2000’s when I still listened to the genre. I also refused to listen to any pining women singing over lost love or their desire for romance.

The only love songs in this playlist are the ones of women coming out proud with their heads held high. Nothing but strong women and powerful songs litter this playlist. Miranda Lambert & Shania Twain, y’all are my spirit animals, with a little fiery Reba to top it off. No lies, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed jamming out to this playlist this week. Relish in all the female country music headed your way… just let it wash over you.

Let me know what you think of this week’s playlist!

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