Frosted Windows


I love natural light and hate the idea of curtains, why bother having a window if you’re just going to cover it up?! It has never made sense to me having grown up in the country where there were no neighbors in view from my home. And it wan’t an issue when I lived in Manhattan and had a lovely view of the alley between my apartment building and the one next door. All of the people behind those few windows covered up their pretty tight, so I figured… why bother covering up mine? Let in the light! 

Although now I’ve moved to Brooklyn, no more alley. Now it’s wide window views of Brooklyn from my bay window, which I absolutely love. SO much light and during sunset my room is literally golden, I love it. But alas, this many windows plus the street view… anyone can see into my bedroom — anyone. Even though I’m on the second story, people off the street could look straight in (and seeing as I hiked up my bed to provide additional storage, they could creepily watch me sleep). No good.

I wanted a solution that was able to let in light but provide me with privacy, and I found the best solution to be frosting my windows! The whole process was actually relatively simple. Since this is a rental I couldn’t go the normal cornstarch/paintbrush method of frosting windows so instead turned toward non-adhesive film.


Bought a couple rolls, followed the directions, and had my privacy secured in about 2 hours. I even had left over so I frosted the glass of a cabinet in the living room. It was a great solution for not putting stuff on display. I considered getting one of the prism/more decorative films but nixed that idea because I wanted the light in my room to be even. And that’s the best part about the film, it diffuses the light that comes into my room now so everything is perfectly lit no matter how much sun is coming in. Can we say perfect selfie lighting?! Yes yes!


After these photos were taken I added some simple black accordion paper curtains for when I want to make my room dark for a movie or something. SO unbelievably easy to solve and SUCH a cheap solution!

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