New Look: Blonde Balayage

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Well the day finally came!! I just traded in my long brunette locks for some shorter blonde balayage highlights, aka step one in preparation for my look I have planned for summer! It might not seem like much of a change to people who haven’t seen me in a while but man has it been an adjustment. I took off a total of 7 inches, and for anyone else who has done the same, you know how doing that completely changes your routine. I got so used to how I would do my hair/put it up and now have to rethink the whole process of how I used to fix it this short. I’m pretty much back to having one place where tying it up all together is successful, and I’m totally cool with that; the process has now become MUCH quicker!

Pre Cut & Color:

The last proper top of the head man bun I’ll probably ever be able to do! As of now I don’t really have any aspirations of getting my hair back to the length it was. I liked it and am glad I tried it, but I didn’t love it enough to keep with it. I’ve got some more pretty fierce haircuts and colors lined up, getting pretty stoked now that I’ve broken the seal of not coloring my hair for almost 2.5 years combined with this first truly substantial cut (non-trim) since beginning to grow my hair out!

The Process:

When making such a drastic change to something I’ve put years into building up and maintaining, I didn’t want just anyone chopping away at my hair. Upon moving to New York I went through a couple different stylists and salons that were unfortunate misses before I found my perfect fit in Alli Wolf at the Fox and Jane Brooklyn Boerum Hill location! Alli has been trimming my hair (truthfully very much managing the volume!) for over a year now so I trusted her with the task of this radical change; and with an M.F.A. in painting and all that creativity, it’s no wonder she did such a stellar job!

The hand painted balayage gives a perfect natural-looking effect which is precisely what I wanted this go-round. I wanted an organic look using my own color as the base and as a first step towards future dyes; it turned out beautifully! Spending an afternoon at the Fox and Jane salon is such a treat! I had a bit of a sore throat the day I went in and Alli made sure I always had a glass of water and some hot tea, I mean… what service!

I’ll be he first to admit that these photos are a little subpar to what I normally put up, but to be fair this post was made on a complete whim because at the time I was under the weather, having little intention of pulling it together. But after being so thrilled with how the final look turned out juxtaposed to my previous hair, building a post (even with only my iPhone and Snapchat photos) for comparison sake just seemed like fun!

Final Look:

PS – If you can’t tell what my favorite Snapchat filter is by the end of this post you were obviously paying too much attention to the hair and not the [hare] 🐰😉📷

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