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As you know from my post about the garment rack I made, I have a love for woodworking and the use of pallets as furniture. I like to use bookcases as a headboard for my bed; but seeing as my bedroom in Brooklyn is bigger than the one in Manhattan, I had some empty space to fill between them. And as it turned out, one of the pallets I reclaimed fit in the space perfectly! 

No taking apart and reassembling on this project. This one just called for quite a few Amazon purchases and then piecing it all together. When it comes to staining pallets, the cracks and crevices can be an absolute PAIN, but take the time to stain in between the boards. I recommend using a small cloth and a wood shim to get into the finer areas. Once stained, let it sit for a while to dry.

While that’s happening, put together the pipes, elbows, and floor flanges. Center on pallet to desired height and screw into place (seeing as I use mine as a headboard, I wanted the lights to be relatively high). It is unseen in the photo but I used a board running underneath the pallet resting on either bookcase as support. You can do this or screw the pallet directly to the wall, I just always opt for whatever solution causes less damage to the walls.

And then it’s just as simple as wrapping your lights around and feeding the wires behind. I plugged all of mine into one power strip so that way I could control all of them with one switch rather than five individual switches. I also added a dimmer to have absolute control over the brightness as I fall asleep, it works great to dim them the more tired I get. Another added bonus is that the more lowly the bulbs are lit, the easier (and prettier) it is to see the filaments!

There is a list of all the materials below with links to exactly what I used to make this headboard. If you purchase bulbs/cords/etc not off this list, make sure they have dimming capabilities! Believe me, you’ll be happy you did!! Hit me up with any questions and comment to let me know what you think!


Hanging Lights (3 Pack)/(2 Singles)

Bulb 1 | Bulb 2 | Bulb 3 | Bulb 4 | Bulb 5

Dimmer Switch | Black Screws

Long Pipe (to fit length of pallet you use)

90° Elbow (2ct) | 1.5in Pipe (2ct) | Floor Flange (2ct)

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