DIY Air Plants & Prism Art

This might just be the easiest DIY I have ever done! More just a concept and assembly, so a great project for those timid Do It Yourselfers that like the small endeavors. SUCH an easy afternoon project that totally transforms the decor of any space!

I don’t know about you, but I love having plants in my home. There’s just something about having life all around. But also like me, I’m sure you lead a busy life and taking care of multiple plants in your home doesn’t sound like an overly fun activity to have to do multiple times a week or even daily! Back at my parents’ house during the summers, my mom spends 30-45min everyday watering all her flowers. Umm no thank you. Don’t get me wrong, her lawn and all those flowers look gorgeous, but living in the city I need something for indoors that is clean, easy to move, requires little to no effort, with a modern look.

I give you… Air Plants – a plant that requires very little upkeep and won’t be mad when you take that spontaneous weekend trip out of the city. I’m sure you remember my customized succulent window box DIY, still pretty proud of that one. But air plants take it a step further.

Let’s talk about my wants in house plants and how air plants compare:

  1. Clean: there is literally no soil involved, hence, air plants. You can put these guys wherever you like!
  2. Easy to Move: I mean, these plants were delivered to me in a box inside a paper bag. Yeah, I think they transport easy enough.
  3. Effort: watering is a breeze, more details to follow
  4. Modern Look: without the use of dirt and combining the plants with other trendy items it is incredibly easy to create stylized edgy looks.

Now that I’ve rambled on about how much I love these plants, let’s get down to the Do It Yourself portion of this post!

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are super easy to find. Since I’m a loyal Amazon member, and this being my first time experimenting with this type of plant, I decided to buy a starter pack from an Amazon seller that mixes a variety. I can always look into buying from different vendors in the future but Amazon seemed like a safe bet. I purchased CTS Air Plants 10 Pack Assorted Tillandsia-Easy Care Collection/Varieties. It isn’t available for prime delivery but didn’t take all that long to arrive, maybe like 5-6 days. The pack came with mostly green plants with little variation in color, but for my purposes I’m totally fine with that. I think it’ll give them all a more unified look.

Upon receiving the plants, it is best to soak them in water for 2-4 hours to refresh.

While the plants are soaking, now is a great time to prepare the decor that you’ll be pairing with the plants. I’m often inspired by the apartment decor I see at places like Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, but budgets don’t permit purchasing overly priced decor I know I could construct myself. Or at least purchase somewhere else for much much cheaper. I found these Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents that are going to go together so well with these air plants! They are constructed of copper plated steel wire (also available in black and brass) in a set of 3 geometrical shapes. But the best part is that the shapes come in 6 individual pieces so it’s possible to attach the matching shapes together for hanging or setting on a table, while also being able to leave them separated and affixing them to the wall.

The reviews are great but I was honestly expecting to receive a somewhat less than high quality product. Boy was I wrong! The wire shapes themselves look stunning and definitely more expensive than what I actually paid for them. Additionally, I was quite impressed with the amount of hardware included in the kit. In my arsenal of crafting supplies, I have fishing line and 3M Command Strips that I was planning on having to use, but the kit comes with pre-strung fishing line (one for each shape), 3M brand adhesive strips cut to size for the wall attachments, and copper hooks for hanging. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the kit as a whole and how nice it all looks.

Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents, Set of 6, Copper

DIY Air Plants and Geometric Copper Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents - Copper Prism Art - Do It Yourself - Design It Yourself - Amazon - Air Plant - - The Killer Look

Umbra Trigg Hanging Container, Small, Set of 2, White/Brass

DIY Air Plants and Geometric Copper Umbra Prisma Decorative Accents - Copper Prism Art - Do It Yourself - Design It Yourself - Amazon - Air Plant - - The Killer Look

Next step is deciding placement of the pieces. Wall, hanging, table, etc. I opted on doing a combination of the above. As great as some arrangements are when placing all the shapes together on one wall, I opted on separating mine and doing them each a little different. After much deliberation I finally decided on using the elongated diamond and the more-square diamond as wall mounts, and the more regularly shaped diamond as a hanging arrangement.

I’m an incredibly visual person. I’m great at closing my eyes and visualizing how a project will turn out, but that also means that sometimes I need to see something right in front of me before it will ‘click’ in my brain. So in order to imagine where the wall mounts would be, I didn’t. I grabbed my trusty roll of blue painter’s tape and taped the wired shapes to the wall, able to move them freely to see where they looked best.

Fortunately, I loved my first placement of them all so not much moving around was needed, but it was nice to have the option! Originally I was going to place the elongated diamonds on either side of the middle of my bay windows in my bedroom, even in height, symmetrical; almost like a pendant on either side. In trying to decide on height placement, I attached one on each side at varying heights (using that painter’s tape!), stepped back, and nixed my plan. This asymmetrical look faired far more pleasing to the eye. It kept my eye moving around the wall and just made sense!

The kit comes with all the plastic mounts for the walls and the 3M strips. Don’t place anything heavy in these shapes as I’m sure these tiny strips aren’t meant to hold much more than the wire shapes themselves. I didn’t push them into the wall too much since they weren’t designated ‘Command Strips’ for easy removal. I very much doubt they will be hard to remove or that they would damage the walls. (I was dumb and cut my nails the day before doing this project. Not impossible, but not having them makes getting the backing of the adhesive strips a little harder than it should be)

For the more-square shaped diamond I placed the shapes together to create a larger one. Every time I see arrangements on walls of decor like this they are always so spread out. I prefer placing the designs on smaller walls closer together rather than trying to spread them out across a huge wall, they look more intimate that way.

And with the more standard diamond shape I chose to attach the two halves together for hanging rather than mounting them separately to the wall. Included in the kit are clear plastic clips for attaching the two halves together. Obviously you can see them, but honestly I don’t even notice them; my eyes only notice the plant and wires. These clips are what make these copper wired halves so versatile!

I’m not overly keen on putting holes from nails or screws into my walls or ceilings so I found a creative solution in not using the provided hooks. Right before I moved into my apartment my landlords remodeled and very much modernized the look of my apartment and one of the design aspects they used to achieve this was leaving the air ducts for our heat/AC exposed. This was a major selling point for me when I saw my apartment for the first time, it looks so cool! So in my room there is a piece of the air duct that pops in. Rather than drill a whole into my ceiling, I used the clear fishing wire, strung it through the diamond shape, and hung the shape around the air duct. The copper diamond with the hanging air plant placed inside works so well with the industrial look of the silver metal duct!


  • Upon receiving your order: open plants right away, soak in clean water for 2-4 hours to refresh.
  • Lighting: bright filtered light. Keep in sunny window, South facing is best.
  • Water: wet 2 or 3 times a week or soak for 4-8 hours every 1-2 weeks.
  • Air: good air flow is essential for Tillandsia.

I mentioned before that I’d touch on watering. I cannot stress how easy this process is. The instructions that came with the air plants instructs weekly or biweekly watering, yeah, hard pass on that. Once a month I round up all the air plants, throw them in a baking dish to soak for 4 hours or so, let them dry, and put them back up. Maintenance on these could not be any easier and the benefit of having fresh plants around certainly outweighs the minute level of effort needed to keep these plants happy!

So go ahead, get your own, and get decorating! Let me know what you think about this project, the plants, the prism art, anything. Hit me up in the comments!

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