Copper Rack

Found a great combo for my new hallway coat rack, Copper & Concrete! The copper forms a slender/wispy frame while the concrete keeps the base sturdy/rugged. SUCH a quick and easy project with a killer end result!

This is a relatively simple project and takes practically no time at all to put together. I spent more time buying the materials than I did actually making it!

Begin by mixing the Quikrete into the bucket. Start small and add as you go. It’s like baking, it’s easier to mix by hand if you add it slowly rather than all at once. I used a couple wooden shims stacked together as my mixer but you can use whatever you want. I always have some shims handy because they are so versatile!

Once you have it mixed to the consistency that you like, begin spooning it into your tub. I recommend doing one base at a time like I did, it’ll make it easier to monitor and keep the pole straight. Now, this is going to sound really dumb, but this stuff dries fast, very fast. And it’s deceptive too, it’ll look super wet and palpable, but then you go to touch it and it’s rock hard. This was my first time using it so it was definitely a learning experience. I was able to shimmy the pole in further, but had to add a more rugged layer of Quikrete on top to help hold the pole in place. Didn’t get the more ‘finished‘ look I wanted but I like the rough look that turned out!



If you need simple additional hanging space for a bedroom or a hallway, this is the project for you! And you can shorten the connecting pole to whatever length you need to fit your space! I recommend not going longer than 4ft as copper isn’t as sturdy as steel and will bend/bow with weight. I cannot begin to stress how easy and ‘quik‘ this project was to make! Let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them!


Quickrete (1 bag)

Copper Elbows (2ct)

Mixing Bucket (1ct)

Plastic Tubs for Bases (2ct)

5ft Copper Pole (2ct)

3-1/2ft Copper Pole (1ct – 5ft pole cut to length)

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