Casetify Phone Cases

One of the most massively overlooked, and often ill researched, aspects of a person’s day-to-day wardrobe goes to their iPhone case. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen absolutely horrendous looking cases, both for their design and functionality. And riding the NYC subway everyday… I see a good deal. There are some folks out there who work under the assumption that in order to protect your phone, you have to sacrifice style. This belief could not be further from the truth and the phone cases of Casetify prove that without a doubt.

Casetify seamlessly blends functionality with design for all the cases they put out and there is quite a vast selection. In creating such a well designed structure of durable phone cases, Casetify has really laid the groundwork for the company’s product line to grow so authentically. Boasting a continuous stream of new products like their premium scratch resistant saffiano leather wallet phone cases, the folio iPad cases, the glitter phone case collection, MacBook sleeves/snap cases, Apple watch bands, and so on. Always showing innovation in a seemingly stagnant line of design.

But as I was saying, all those more edgy case types are able to do so well because they come from such a strong base. The New Standard™ Casetify case system revolutionized the flexibility in being able to constantly stay on trend while maintaining durable protection for your phone. The Casetify design features a plastic exterior trim with an open back where you can trade and swap any number of backplates. I got two to start, although I’m sure I’ll get more sometime in the near future, a white marble fade that shows off my gold phone and a blue rubber plant for more of a pop & tropical vibe.

“Tested by us. Meticulously crafted for you. Slim dual layer design with impact-absorbing interior and hard-shell exterior. Drop-tested from 4-feet high onto concrete from every angle. Matte printed finish allows for enhanced and vibrant colors. Interchangeable backplates allow you to mix and match the design to fit your mood. One phone case, endless possibilities.” – Casetify

And choosing the case you want could not be any easier than with the Casetify website where you can not only change aspects of their products (colors of trim, cases, etc.) but you can also choose the color of your phone so you can see how the colors play together. As a visual person that was a game changer! The quality of interactive shopping on the Casetify website made the process an absolute breeze!

In searching for my perfect case I came across so many designs that I fell in love with before making my final choices. Take a gander yourself and let me know if any of these make you want to ditch your old phone case! All the cases that spoke most to me were the tropical, floral, and minimal designs. But… I have to say, the more ‘cheeky’ or humorous designs Casetify has can be so adorable! I mean, the Gilmore Girls one has me wanting coffee from Luke’s and the Lucky Charms marshmallows have me reminiscing about childhood breakfasts!

*Tip for browsing the Casetify store: look over the first couple pages of their most popular cases, but then go ahead and search a phrase that you like, for example ‘white marble’. You’ll see loads more designs pop up that way!

Let’s say you somehow don’t find the case your looking for, which I highly doubt will be the case [pun intended] because I’m pretty sure the Casetify vault is endless, you can actually create your own! Are you a photographer wanting to sport your work as you traverse the city? Turn your favorite Instagram & Facebook photos into your own custom case!

“We believe in making products as unique and expressive as the people who wear them. With this purchase you’re now a part of our story.” – Casetify

Happy shopping!

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